Made By Africa na wa Maoré (MabaMaoré), is a 3-month training program between Mayotte, Tanzania and the rest of the African continent in terms of visual arts.

From Mayotte to Tanzania, the fine arts sectors, whether they are the so-called “traditional” arts or those using new techniques, have a pool of professionals from the formal market who have the technical capacity to impact “Creative Tourism” & to develop a regional cultural sector. These are the aspects that have inspired MabaMAoré on two sectors for this edition : Painting & Photography.

The program

The 1st Phase from November to December 2021 which is the call for applications
A selection of 15 artists; 6 Tanzanians and 9 Mahorais to carry out this training, build a regional network and cultural economic development.

The 2nd phase in January 2022 online and physical

  • Blending-learning training in webinars format
  • Creative talks
  • Training in French or English for preparation of the residency phases.

The 3rd phase in February 2022 in Mayotte

Residency from February 5th 2022 to February 23rd 2022 in Mayotte

The 4th phase in March in Tanzania

Residency from February 25, 2022 to March 14, 2022 in Tanzania

The 5th phase in February – March 2022

April 2022 a return of training and a final report.

How to Apply ?

Can apply to this call artist-painter and photographer from Tanzania or Mayotte.

The Tanzanian applicants should be able to speak English fluently.

The Mahorais applicants should be able to speak French fluently.

All applicants should be flexible in interacting and engaging in conversation with the local art community and the Mabamaore team in English and/or French.

If you are from Mayotte: a valid passport or a residence permit allowing travel outside the territory.

If you are from Tanzania : a valid passport

To apply, you must provide a portfolio of your work, a CV, and a cover letter (typed or video).

Within the frame of this project, travel expenses (plane tickets, cabs), accomodation expenses and food expenses are covered.

If you are selected, you will be asked to pay a symbolic contribution of $200 for Tanzanians and 180€ for Maoré.

You can apply at :

Deadline application is on 15.12.2021